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Mckenzie Mar 14, 2023 339 views

Is it detrimental to my career if I get my nursing degree through a community college?

I am interested in getting a bachelors in Nursing (specialized with oncology) then head in to either be an oncologist or research Breast cancer cells with stem cell transplants.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 20, 2023 583 views

How long does it take to become a pediatric nurse practitioner??

I just wanna know how much time it takes compare to becoming a pediatrician.

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Apr 21, 2023 474 views

Nurses, What is the best advice you got in high school that has stuck with you?

I hace almost finished my first year of high school and I am taking college course through dual enrollment with a nearby community college. This year has been stressful and I am struggling to stay motivated.