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Shahzad Jumani, MBA

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Khai’s Avatar
Khai Jun 08, 2023 725 views

Why so difficult to get offer?

I’m almost done with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering I have yet to find a job. I’m currently unemployed and I have sent more than a hundred applications already and several interviews too. Why is it so hard to get an offer??? It is so frustrating

’s Avatar
Jun 08, 2023 1237 views

how important is a top uni?

as a current junior

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jun 06, 2023 794 views

How do you know you've found the right career ?

By this I mean is that so far all I can think about of a career in my future is becoming a nurse .

Elizebeth’s Avatar
Elizebeth Jun 09, 2023 857 views

how do you find work?

how do you find work?

Raphael’s Avatar
Raphael Jun 09, 2023 1018 views

How can I figure out what career is right for me?

I wanna make a lot of money, and I have knowledge in biomedical science, but am interested in music and philosophy. So I am not sure what to do!