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Brenda Carolina Israelsky

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Merlo, Argentina
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Clara Sep 03, 2023 1603 views

What are some good colleges for film production?

What are some good colleges for film production?

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Sep 05, 2023 307 views

For film majors, what did you struggle the most when taking classes for it?

Are there any interesting experiences with fellow film majors? Any heads up before I should take it or things that you wish you did or knew sooner before majoring in it?

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Sep 07, 2023 305 views

Film Production Degree and what to do afterward

What should be my next step after graduating with my master's in film production. How should I approach, and why should this be my next step and why should I do it that way? Where should I start these processes? I want to set a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, 6 month...