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Kyiana L. Apr 02, 2012 3665 views

What helps you study for a test?

I have been terrible at studying for tests, but I am hoping that you can help me. Please teach me how to study. #testing

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Feb 21, 2014 2751 views

What is the best piece of career advice you ever got?

I don't know if I can ask the perfect question for my particular situation, so I thought maybe I can ask you for the best advie you ever got about your own career. Maybe what helped you can be the perfect advice for me. Please share what your situation was and what the advice was. Thank you and...

DevonT_af13’s Avatar
DevonT_af13 Apr 01, 2013 8114 views

What was the wait time between when you graduated law school and began your occupation as a lawyer?

Hello, I'm a senior in high school and I am considering majoring in pre-law studies this fall in college. I was wondering what was the wait time between when you graduated law school and began your occupation as a lawyer?

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Bariel May 23, 2012 1616 views

After graduating from law school as an intellectual property or criminal justice lawyer, What is the likelihood that a job will be avaliable for me when you apply to a specific law firm?

I am a junior in New York City. I am interested in attending law school and I am curious. Being that the economy is in a crisis and unemployment has risen, I know I will be worried about finding a job immediately after graduating from Law School. #law #criminal-justice #intellectual-property

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Feb 14, 2014 2201 views

What jobs can I get into in the movie industry if I don't want to be an actress?

Hello! I love movies, and I want to be part of making movies, but I don't want to be an actress. What kind of jobs should I look into, and how can I get started? Thank you very much for your advice - it'll really help me figure out how to get started! #acting #movies #hollywood