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Jennifer Stearns-Heniford

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Lucy’s Avatar
Lucy Dec 16, 2023 538 views

How would you advice someone who does not have specific talents on their choice of career?

I'm 14 years old and I have not yet determined on the best career-choice in the future. How can I determine the best option for me even with less passion towards others?

Tashawndria’s Avatar
Tashawndria Jan 13 740 views

How much experience in my field of choice would make me favorable to employers?

I'd like to be an HR Manager but I'm not sure what the length of my experience should be.

Sanilia’s Avatar
Sanilia Jan 14 1570 views

would like to know more about HR career

If anyone out there from the HR field and students pursuing this field ,I would love to hear more about how your weekdays are like, how ur HR studies were/are and etc;