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Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
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wish to pursue a greater position in human resource management

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Sanilia Jan 14 1603 views

would like to know more about HR career

If anyone out there from the HR field and students pursuing this field ,I would love to hear more about how your weekdays are like, how ur HR studies were/are and etc;

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Sanilia Jan 13 810 views

seeking advice for scholarships and work-study programs

Currently planning to do my Cambridge A levels; the Oct/Nov 2024 session.. Thinking of heading abroad for university, ideally with a fully funded scholarship—Google's not been much help. Also, I'm eyeing a mix of university and work alongside, focusing on Human Resource Management (HRM).Any...

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Sanilia Jan 07 1464 views

How do I plan my college and career ?

I'm currently doing my Cambridge alevels ( bs Econ and accounts) unfortunately I wasn't happy with the bs result and hence am planning to resit . But the marksfor my as will be carried forward to this may/June 2024 and this will lead to me having two separate result sheets . I'm worried if...