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Josh Feb 21 789 views

what educational requirements do I need in order to apply to be a lawyer?

Hello, i am Josh I am a 10th grader that attends spectrum Highschool and I am very interested in this career path. I love the idea of helping people when know one else can. If you could give me some information on this career that would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Zaelyn Feb 24 403 views

How do you accept college applications ?

I am zaelyn and I am a student at Mortimer Jordan High School. I have been accepted into many different colleges and I have no idea how I am supposed to accept the one I like.

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Armine Jan 27 985 views

What is the best way to get a CPA certificate?

Hello everyone, looking for some advice on getting a CPA certificate. I've got an accounting background outside the US, with a mix of academic and work experience. Now, I'm at a US company and planning for the CPA exam. Wondering if I should go for specific courses or opt for college. Your...