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Elaine Mar 01 703 views

Do you need lots of connections to get into the tech industry?

I'm a high school student.

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Ana May 05, 2020 823 views

What are the best ways to react to sexist behavior towards you in and out of the workplace?

All women around the world get these passive-agressive or directly agressive treatments and behavior from other people, and very few times we end up feeling we reacted assertively. Due to this, it is very important to talk amongst us and share what have we said and done, and how did it work and...

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Busani Feb 26 846 views

Greetings friends. My name is Busani. I'm intending to do a Master's degree in order to further up my knowledge. But I'm stuck between three options: 1) M.Bs Administration 2) M.Sc in Project Management 3) M.Sc in Marketing. I studied B.Sc in Tourism & Hospitality Management as my 1st degree. Which one amongst these 3 would you recommend most?

Inquiring for advices regarding which Master's program to choose.

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Tomide Feb 26 937 views

Does technology support human communication?

Does technology support human communication?why or why not.