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Brenda Apr 17 506 views

How do I start my art portfolio and how can I improve it?

I have to do an art portfolio for the major I choose, but I'm unsure how to start it or even how to get from one painting to the next one.

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Felix Apr 08 424 views

Is art a successful career?

I'm an artist at heart

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl Apr 16 701 views

How can I prepare for a character design career in the era of AI?

Hello! I'm currently an undergraduate passionate about pursuing a career in character design. I have some experience with digital art and animation, but I'm eager to learn more about how AI is shaping the industry. I'm particularly interested in understanding how I can adapt my skills and...

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Apr 12 501 views

What kind of remote work can I do as art enthusiast?

I love art a lot, and really want a career in it, but I know that being financially stable is also very important. What do you advice I do?