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casey’s Avatar
casey Sep 30, 2017 1171 views

How do you invest?

I want to #invest #investment-management #investment #investing #invest #personal-finance

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Jan 11, 2018 783 views

Where can you go to determine whether or not a company you want to invest in is legit?

Want to invest but what to do my research before I put my money into it. #investment #alternative-investments

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 14, 2017 1061 views

Are there any online resources for financial modeling?

I am interested in learning more about financial modeling and valuation. #financial-modeling #career #finance #online-learning

lvictor’s Avatar
lvictor Sep 30, 2017 1203 views

how can students be more informed and educated on financial literacy?

many students of today are facing financial obstacles considering that they have bad credit,which comes from mistakes of credit card use,student loans,and financially illiterate.#personal-finance

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Sep 30, 2017 768 views

What does a week look like for an account at a firm like Nike vs a small business owner?

I took accounting as a junior and never fully understood what the difference in jobs a big time company accountant would do vs a small mom and pop shop. #accountant

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Sep 30, 2017 955 views

What type of careers involve medicine and accounting?

#accounting #medicine