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Chelsie F. Mar 18 162 views

How might COVID19 affect research opportunities within academic institutions?

I am majoring in Computer Science and Digital Art and was hoping to get involved with research as a means to build my resume. As far as computer science goes, I am interested in cybersecurity, software engineering, and/or curriculum development for computer science learning. As for digital...

#research #digital-art #computer-science #covid-19 #software #college #engineering

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Chelsie F. Jan 29, 2018 262 views

Playing the Odds with Scholarships

I would love to finance my #higher-education with more #scholarship money, especially given a cut in state funding for #financial-aid taking effect next year. Is it more worthwhile to devote my time to the easier #scholarships that simply require me to sign up for a website or take a survey?...