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Grace F. Apr 16, 2018 383 views

What is it like to realize you want to change majors?

Going into college I feel confident in what I am majoring in, yet I know it is common to switch majors. Do the majority of people feel like this can be a overwhelming experience? What makes people decide to switch their major?#decisions #findyourpath...


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Patrice T. Apr 17, 2018 368 views

Is there any other choice other than loans?

Throughout the college process, I faced several struggles and at this point in the process, I have been accepted to every college that I applied to but find that I don't know what university I will be attending in the Fall. I have this dilemma not because I have too many options, but because I...

#loans #college #college-advice #financial-planning

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Chloe R. Apr 17, 2018 173 views

What is the worst thing about college that's not academically related.

I always hear about how hard it is to pass classes and study in college but I never hear about what else is difficult about college....


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Chloe R. Apr 17, 2018 394 views

Is the gender imbalance in stem related majors a problem or is it decreasing now a days?

I plan on majoring in a stem field and want to be prepared for what my classes will look like. #stem...