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Armine M. Feb 01, 2017 460 views

What are some good universities for double-majoring?

I am totally lost on where to go because I am not so sure which university has the best double-major program. #college #college-major #university #college-admissions #college-majors #double-major #choosing-a-major...


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Grace P. Jan 18, 2018 255 views

What should I be doing during my "waiting period"?

I sent in all of my college applications before the New Year, but don't hear back from them until late March, leaving me with approximately three months of crippling financial worries and general stress about acceptance. I've been spending my time applying to as many scholarships as possible,...

#college-admissions #scholarships #financial-aid

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James H. Mar 16, 2018 188 views

Is the curriculum for a Business Major the same at all schools?

If my major is Business with an emphasis in Marketing would the classes be identical at all colleges with that major offered? Does the higher priced school guarantee a better wage when I enter the work force...


M C.’s Avatar
M C. May 23, 2018 150 views

Can you take summer classes in a college or university that's different than the one you're currently attending?

I was considering taking core-class subjects during the summer as summer classes in the university I'm attending so I have more time to dedicate to my other classes during the fall term, but the tuition for summer classes in the university is ridiculously high. It seems that there are no...

#affordable-alternative #summer-class

Sariah S.’s Avatar
Sariah S. May 24, 2018 256 views

When applying for scholarships, which ones should you focus on?

I have found a ton of scholarships, but I have no idea which ones to apply to #help...