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Miranda Kofeldt, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Community and Social Service Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Baltimore, Maryland
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Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Aug 15, 2016 1001 views

What are some majors you should consider if you are planning to pursue a career as an Ob/Gyn?

I am very interested in this career in the Medical field. #college-major #obstetrics #medicine #academic-advising #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Carly’s Avatar
Carly May 23, 2016 933 views

Is graduating one year early worth the extremely busy work load?

I am trying to graduate one year early in order to move and be able to attend grad school sooner. I am always taking a full load, all year long. I am often overwhelmed with my "to-do" list of how much work I have yet to finish and accomplish. #college #graduate-school #stress

Steph’s Avatar
Steph May 13, 2016 914 views

What does an internship in the clinical psychology field involve?

By involve, I mean what would my daily tasks be, what I could learn from the experience, etc. #psychology #clinical-psychology

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret May 13, 2016 1151 views

Is it more important to go to a good undergraduate school or a good graduate school?

I been told that the grad program is more inportant, but also was told you won't be as prepared or competitive an applicant for grad school if you went to an average undergrad program. Money is an issue, so I can't afford two great schools. #college #graduate-school #higher-education

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Mar 15, 2018 804 views

What job opportunities/prospects and environments are available to someone with a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology?

I know that I could probably work in a hospital, or a therapist's/psychologist's office. I would like to know if there are any jobs where I would be mobile or could make housecalls or videochat with patients who cannot make it to an office building or perhaps are in another country? (There...