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Mounia M. Feb 19, 2017 589 views

What should a student consider before transferring to a different college?

I am senior and am considering transferring to a different school as I feel unsatisfied with the college culture as well as the teaching methods of many of the professors in my program. #college #college-transfer...


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Liam C. Jan 16, 2018 347 views

Why do so many of my high level peers go straight to a 4-year university?

I’m in many high level classes with a high GPA and I feel a pressure to jump on the bandwagon to a university. But is it worth that? I am thinking about going to my local college and then transferring to a university, but is that a waste of my talents? #university #college #college-transfer...


Aliyah A.’s Avatar
Aliyah A. Mar 13, 2018 359 views

Would it be a smart choice to base the college you go to on whether or not it has programs relating to the job you want to have?

Finding a college that has an aviation program is really difficult, however, there are a select few that do have this option. Would it be a wise decision to attend a college just because it has this program, or would it be a better idea to attend any college that stands out to me and figure out...

#college #aviation

Ream G.’s Avatar
Ream G. Mar 26, 2018 383 views

How useful is it to go to an elite university for undergraduate school?

I know some of the best universities in the country are usually really expensive and competitive. I am planning on going to medical school and am wondering if it is worth it to go to an elite university for undergraduate school or is it better to go to a smaller name school where I would have a...

#college #graduate-school #undergraduate