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Susan Zaffarano

Collaborative leader who values trusted relationships and maximizes client engagement to achieve results.
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Zoe Oct 12, 2016 1185 views

Should I pursue the Marketing and Information Systems degree?

I've reached the point in my academic career wherein I must make a choice. I'm applying for transfer, and I have to choose my concentration for my major. I am very apprehensive and scared in making the choice. I am a business major and am presently taking some more business-oriented courses:...

Hailin’s Avatar
Hailin Oct 31, 2016 944 views

What are the possible career choices for someone who might double major in computer science and pharmacology or int. business?

I am currently learning AP computer science. I am still deciding what I like at the moment, but those three things interest me the most. I am not sure what my choices will be once I attain those degrees. #computer-software #business #pharmacy #international #international-business

keshya’s Avatar
keshya Mar 26, 2018 785 views

how can i meet people in college?

in high school i was very quiet and by myself most of the time. i want my college experience to be different and i also want to have people to go to if i need advice or help with my classes.

Cristin’s Avatar
Cristin Jan 20, 2018 790 views

What is the best way to promote yourself and your education to ensure that you stand out when starting a career?

I have been investing an immense amount of time to my studies in order to be better qualified than others competing for the same job or career. Because of this, it would be nice to get insight on ways to stand out from the crowd.
#standout #investing #studies