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Talise Jan 18, 2018 528 views

What kind of extracurricular activities can I expect to be involved with in college?

In high school, I participated in all kinds of extra activities, but I know the academic workload is more strenuous in college, so I'm wondering if I will still have time to be involved. #college #college-advice

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Jan 18, 2018 819 views

How to make it through college with no support from anyone?

I know people (one of my classmates ) who always comes to talk to me about how no one in his immediate family went to college so why should he? He’s a very bright boy the only thing I can think to tell him is you don’t want all that intelligence to go to waste you need to put it to use...

Annabella’s Avatar
Annabella Jan 10, 2018 870 views

What kind of internships/jobs are out there in photography/cinematography that are available for minors?

I'm a fifteen year old filmmaker/visual artist and am looking for ways to make future connections to become a Director/Story Artist/Cinematographer. I also want to start saving up for film school, and other necessities to pursue this career, so any job would be helpful. I'm also mixed raced,...