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Community and Social Service Occupations
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Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Jan 11, 2019 506 views

What are the best ways I can involve myself with animals while in high school?

I'm looking to major in zoology at college and I want to pursue a career in the field. #animals #zoology#highschool #major

Erick’s Avatar
Erick Jan 11, 2019 753 views

What classes are required for Mechanical Engineering?


Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Jan 11, 2019 561 views

Can you list me a few internships for nursing?

#healthcare #nurse

Erick’s Avatar
Erick Jan 11, 2019 575 views

Is there any fast way to be a Mechanical Engineer then doing 4 years?

#mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineering

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jan 11, 2019 585 views

What type of math do Engineers have to study?

Do engineers need to know Geometry? Algebra? Calculus? Or is it all of above? #engineering #math