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Armaan Apr 15, 2019 686 views

What can I do right now??

I'm in grade eight, what can I do right now that can make me improve my chances to become a Sport Medicine Doctor? #doctor #medicine #healthcare

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Noora Aug 28, 2018 477 views

Are College Loans Beneficial or Harmful for The Student In The Long Run?

I'm interested in knowing more about the students experience about taking college loans and whether it helped or harmed the student ability to pay it back after graduation #financial-accounting #college-student #students #student

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Norma Mar 15, 2018 458 views

What organizations should I get involved in to help others while building a basis in medicine while in college?

I want to start helping people as soon as possible and I also want to learn about medicine as much as possible because it has always been the most intriguing field to learn about for me. #medicine #community-service

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manuel Jan 15, 2019 976 views

how did you keep motivated and keep focus?

#studying-tips #education #school need some skills #teaching #skills #college #motivation