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Thu N. Dec 16, 2014 10677 views

What steps should I take in high school to prepare for a Computer Science major in college?

Hi! I'm interested in majoring in Comp Sci once I enter college, and I'd really love to get started on preparing for that journey as soon as possible. As a high school junior, I'd like to know if there are any steps I should take now to be prepared for college, specifically as a Computer...

technology college computer-science computer-engineering

Shubham P.’s Avatar
Shubham P. Jun 04, 2015 1403 views

Software engineer

Which subject I have to study in 11th class for becoming a software engineer and after that what I have to do? computer software computer-engineering software-engineering...


Shawkat A.’s Avatar
Shawkat A. Jun 14, 2015 1682 views

What should I know about software engineering and computer engineering ?

Im graduating high school next month and i want to apply for a bcs. in either software or computer engineering. i want to know the difference between them and i want to know how to prepare. what i mean by preparing is what programs or coding languages or any kind of hardware i need to be...

Reece E.’s Avatar
Reece E. Sep 03, 2015 1654 views

On average how much does someone with a Computer Science degree make right out of school?

I am interested in Majoring in Computer Science and was just curious how much someone right out of school would make in a base salary job and how easy it would be to find a job in that career field? computer-science computer-engineering...


Stéphanie  L.’s Avatar
Stéphanie L. Oct 21, 2015 1391 views

Is age a factor for hiring entry level computer engineers?

I am in my mid thirties with a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering but no professional experience. After graduation I worked in other fields just to gain a living. I am looking for a job as programmer, but my age and lack of hands on experience seem to block me. I had couple of...

java computer-science computer-engineering programming

Davina C.’s Avatar
Davina C. Apr 07, 2016 1160 views

What is a computer engineer & a computer programmer

I want to know which one is better to do and has a great...