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Felicita’s Avatar
Felicita May 15, 2019 1264 views

Is a bachelors in Economics better then a PR or Marketing degree?

To make a very long story short, I received a regional scholarship however the school that I plan on attending does not have my major I want to study which would be Public Relations and Marketing. A family friend told me it was better to get a degree in Economics, which would help me with...

Taylornlynch2’s Avatar
Taylornlynch2 Nov 11, 2012 28553 views

What is the best major for me to pursue in college if I want to be an event planner?

I want to be an event producer, however there are very few schools who offer that major. Event planning is a major, however it most likely won't provide me with the best degree in order to be flexible in my job choice after college. Therefore, I was wondering what would be the next best thing...

Tamera’s Avatar
Tamera Mar 27, 2018 715 views

Complimentary major/minor for Sociology major?

I plan to chase after a career in international human rights law, working with NGO's like Amnesty International or the EU court of human rights. With that in mind, I've thought about minors/ double majors in subjects like Spanish or international studies, but am still undecided what subject...