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Emilia J. Boulton

Part-time faculty, Fashion
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
New York, New York
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erik’s Avatar
erik Jul 12, 2019 457 views

whats the best part of the career

#career #fashion

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 22, 2019 496 views

What other classes could i teach that is related to History

I'm sure if i am teaching at High School i would be teaching more than just History. So what other Classes could i also teach that is related to History.


Eimee’s Avatar
Eimee Sep 28, 2018 961 views

I am planning on getting a Bachelors in Fashion Design, but was wondering if I could get apportunities at other various jobs with that?

For example if I were to have my bachelors in fashion would that only entitled me to jobs at farshion/garment making or could I have more options/choices on what I would like to based my work and skills at? #fashion #fashion-design #career

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian May 30, 2018 944 views

What are some internships involved with fashion design?

#fashion-design #fashion #fashion-shows #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-merchandising

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Aug 07, 2018 1190 views

Should I consider going to graduate school for fashion design?

#apparel-and-fashion #fashion-design #fashion-design #fashion-designer

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jan 18, 2018 1156 views

Will I still love my job in 20 years?

I know that I want to work in the early childhood field. I work in it now and am pursuing a degree. Will my passion still be there after 20 Years? What should I do if it changes? #education #teaching-adults

kenzie’s Avatar
kenzie Jun 12, 2019 748 views

How was your first fashion show?

#fashion #designers #fashion-design #design

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 470 views

What jobs would you suggest, that would best fit my personality?

My personality is fun, outgoing & girly. I really love things that have to do with fashion. #fashion