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Maria Bartkavage

Human Resources
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Yejee Sep 05, 2019 649 views

I don't know what career/major i want to pursue

I graduated from high school this May, and I've decided to take a gap year to think of what I want to do in the future. There is a lot of things I like and I dislike, I don't really have much that I'm "good" at, so it's been a little tough to figure out about my future. I've thought of some...

savannah’s Avatar
savannah Sep 10, 2019 775 views

I need help deciding a career so I can start applying to the right colleges.

I have always been very intelligent, as well as open to new ideas and information. My grades have always been very well. I have many things about me that send me into many different careers, I feel i'm running out of time. I see myself in the medical field, but also in so many others. #college...

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Sep 06, 2019 606 views

What are valuable strengths?

Hi, my name is Brian I am a Glen Rose HS student, I am 18years old and a junior My strengths are working outside, riding horses, and roping cattle. I am interested in as a cow hauler. In my spare time, I ride horses and fix fence #career-counseling . What other strengths or experiences might I...

Branden’s Avatar
Branden Sep 06, 2019 770 views

Are there any opportunities for self-employment in human resource management?

#human-resources #internship #management