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Benjamin Oct 14, 2019 437 views

Hello, I am a student enrolled in Job Corps. My ultimate career goal is to enlist in the U.S. Army. I am in pursuit of receiving certification in Protective Services at Job Corps, which takes around 6 months to complete. Will serving in Job Corps give me the opportunity for Advanced Enlistment Rank?

#Military #Army #JobCorps #AdvancedEnlistmentRank

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Julio Oct 14, 2019 493 views

should i go to college to welding

#the-best #college-advice #college-bound

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Oct 14, 2019 555 views

For the military veterans, what do you wish you could have done differently before enlistment? Any regrets, lessons, thoughts for future service members?

#Veterans #Military

quinn’s Avatar
quinn Sep 16, 2019 532 views

i want to be a marine

im in 8th grade and wondering what high school classes to take #marine

daniel’s Avatar
daniel Sep 24, 2019 460 views

how much would majoring in business cost?

#business #college

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Yamelyn Aug 30, 2019 435 views

How many years of college does it take to become a Realtor?

My name is Yamelyn I'm 17 years old I'm currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and will soon be attending an Office Administration class. I took a business class at the last school I was attending and learned much useful information but I would like to know what kind of classes and how...