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Greensboro, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Apr 01 584 views

What’s good jobs can you get majoring in business that are easy and high paid with no math

What should I major in???????????

Ebony’s Avatar
Ebony Mar 07 254 views

How different is medical school for dermatologists than for physicians?

I am in the 10th grade and I wanted to know the difference in experiences of residency and medical school for aspiring dermatologists than for physicians that would work in a hospital.

Ryleigh’s Avatar
Ryleigh Nov 15, 2023 267 views

What should I work towards getting an Associates in if I am interested in becoming a clinical psychologist?

I am currently a Sophomore in high school and I am applying to do Dual-Enrollment online during my Junior and Senior year with a community college called Forsyth Tech. In order to apply I have to choose a pathway with certain classes and that is where I'm struggling. I'm given the choice...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Nov 07, 2023 270 views

How do you choose your majors and the college you want to attend?

I am a High School Sophomore and my Career Management teacher has us selecting what college we want to attend with our majors. I say that it is best to map out your plan for your major, try to narrow down the colleges, read some reviews, ask people that you know attend(ed) the college, and see...

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Analiese Nov 05, 2023 147 views

What is your main goal when helping kids succeed?

I have had trouble with homework related assingment so this question is very helpful to me.

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James Oct 26, 2023 459 views

How much is a tattoo artist's salary?

How much do they make monthly, and what are some benefits?

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Brandon Sep 19, 2023 246 views

What steps do I need to take to start a career in IT/Cybersecurity?

I am pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity as well as taking courses on Coursera to obtain a few certifications.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 06, 2023 376 views

How should I go about choosing a major, I don’t mean to spit cocky or rude but I haven’t found anything particularly difficult and am at a loss for a future?

I am a tenth grader in high school in the North Carolina school system, and all my classes are a grade above my age level

Ebony’s Avatar
Ebony Aug 18, 2023 281 views

What are some of the nastiest or most disturbing things you have to do as a dermatologist?

I am in the 10th grade and still deciding whether to go into the medical field and wanted to know some of the more gruesome things before I officially decide.

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Aug 13, 2023 252 views

How many hours can an Emergency Dispatcher(911 operator) work ?

I'm looking into becoming one once i get out of high school to have on my resume in case I decide to get into criminology, I would just like to know the limit of hours they are able to to work, time I don't think would be an issue for me.

Carleigh’s Avatar
Carleigh Jul 29, 2023 236 views

What is the best healthcare setting to work in as a starting Physician's Assistant?

What is the best healthcare setting to work in as a starting Physician's Assistant? I am going to school to become a PA, but I want to have a plan for after medical school.

Kaylin’s Avatar
Kaylin Jul 20, 2023 382 views

How much do veterinarians make on average?

I have always been interested in this and would love to learn more.

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Hannah Jul 08, 2023 505 views

How would one start to apply for grants and scholarships and where?

websites or things I might need to do this

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Ryleigh Jun 06, 2023 2592 views

What careers are associated with psychology?

I'm a freshman, going to be a sophomore in highschool. I took psychology this year and I was really interested in it and made an A. I signed up to take Psychology AP next year and I'm pretty confident that I'll do well in it. I've been considering what I should major in college and at the...

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LATANYA Feb 13, 2023 608 views

Questions & answers that might be asked in a nursing interview?

Questions & answers that might be asked in a nursing interview?

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