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Lauri Saft

Sales Leader
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Deshawn Sep 11, 2019 588 views

Whats the biggest challenge working with Information Technology?

Current student at Npower #information-technology #internship

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Nancy Sep 04, 2019 783 views

What's the best format for a resume?

Starting out looking for my first job out of college #resume

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Paula Oct 21, 2019 1014 views

How would I do a resume?

I'm looking to do a professional resume to include my college courses #resume

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Jose Oct 04, 2019 435 views

how have you used data to make decisions?

i wanna earn all 9 credential/ certifications for Facility maintenance. #facility maintenance

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Mark Sep 20, 2019 559 views

What are some useful skills/attributes for being a computer and information systems manager?

#information-technology #computer #computer-software