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Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Stonington, Connecticut
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Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 28, 2020 368 views

How old do you have to be to be a chef and work at a restaurant

I want to be a good cook. #chefs

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 19, 2016 1975 views

Slower-paced cooking?

I love to cook, and would love to be able to do it for other people. However, I don't like the speed involved in being a chef for a typical restaurant (to get the food to the table of the customer). Is there an alternate career that might fit me better? Maybe a smaller cafe-style restaurant?...

Josue’s Avatar
Josue Mar 08, 2017 654 views

What is the average income for being a chef?

I'm asking this question because I really want to be a chef but I don't know how much they earn. #chef

Travis’s Avatar
Travis Feb 08, 2017 992 views

How many hours do chefs work

I want to be a chef

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Mar 03, 2020 873 views

Chef need to go to College?

I love to cook, and being organized #culinary. #chef

justin’s Avatar
justin Jan 03, 2018 556 views

I am setting my vision on going to college because I want to be a chef getting paid more money for my skill. What colleges would you suggest and how to I plan my academic and elective courses to get there?

I'm in the 7th grade and I learned cooking my own foods is healthier.

#chef is good :3

Bobbie-Lin’s Avatar
Bobbie-Lin Aug 29, 2018 569 views

What is the typical timeline to becoming a head chef after graduation?

#restaurant #cooking#chef

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 01, 2019 767 views

Does Mcdonalds teach you how to cook? #food #cooking

Does Mcdonalds teach you how to cook? #education

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa Oct 28, 2019 2240 views

How long do u have to be in school to be a chef

#culinary-arts #chef #cooking #culinary