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Jodie Radford

Technical Sales Consultant
Kansas City, Missouri
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Karen Aug 28, 2016 1190 views

What do you love about your job?

I am a high school student who has seen both the best and worst of many individuals' careers. I have seen people take up their careers, only to end up struggling to keep up with them. Lately, I haven't met many people who are happy doing what they do. Individuals have their own circumstances...

kiki’s Avatar
kiki Jan 19, 2020 549 views

What is a good job if you are good at giving advice when someone is struggling?

I like helping people when they are down. #career #therapy #counseling # #psychology

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Raven Jan 06, 2020 391 views

How would a High school student who does online school go about getting money help or scholarships when it comes to college?


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Victoria Jan 16, 2018 1040 views

I was accepted to a university that was my first choice on my list, but it is also the most expensive, should I accepted anyway and worry about cost later?

The university I was accepted to has a very good criminology department. Most colleges the first 2 years you take the basics than in the last 2 you do your major. But with this college, they start you out immediately with your major. My problem is they were also the most expensive one on my...