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Gershom Slonim

Arson and Bomb Investigator/Police Officer
Protective Service Occupations
Sacramento, California
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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 28, 2023 276 views

Becoming a police officer doesn’t require a college degree - so I don’t need one, right? ?

Note: this question is part of our professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform

Lala’s Avatar
Lala Oct 28, 2020 517 views

If I wanted to work in law enforcement, am I able to have visible tattoos?

#law #politics #corporate-law

Colton’s Avatar
Colton Nov 09, 2020 2933 views

What does the daily routine of a police officer look like?

What are all of the things that go into the daily life of a police officer? #Police

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 24, 2020 657 views

What are ways to narrow down my career interest in Criminal Justice?

I'm a first generation college student and I am currently on my 3rd/last year at a community college. I am trying to create a plan to transfer to a university but I am not only having trouble choosing a specific major but my overall path. I have always had an interest in Criminal Justice but,...

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Nov 15, 2019 688 views

What will it be like to get shot with a taser as a law-enforcement officer?

I understand that as a law-enforcement officer you sometimes have to consent to being tased as part of your training. What is that like?
#law-enforcement #police-officer #police

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Mar 06, 2020 622 views

What are some of the tools I should be familiar with in Law enforcement.

#police #law-enforcement #criminal-justice #law