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Roshawnda Washington

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Alondra Apr 09, 2021 1618 views

I am not sure if I major in psychology or in social work or something else entirely?

I want to help children that are in foster care and/or coming from bad homes. #children #social-work #therapist

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Sep 25, 2020 574 views

How would I become a professional Fundraising Specialist for nonprofits?

I am interested in taking this certificate from Boston University but I'm wondering if there are cheaper ways, and what you as a possible fundraising specialist would recommend.
#fundraising #nonprofitmanagement
#campaigns #raisefunds

Lillyen Rose’s Avatar
Lillyen Rose Apr 12, 2020 952 views

What are the steps to becoming a social worker? I would like to work with those in foster care and those who have or are going to be adopted.

I was in foster care and I want to help the system to no longer be broken by being the help these children need. #foster #fostercare #socialwork #socialworking #social-work #medicine #psychology #career

Penelope’s Avatar
Penelope Nov 14, 2019 534 views

how much does a macro social worker make?

#social-worker #psychology #animation #social #social-work