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Serenity W. May 09, 2016 1890 views

How often do college students get to go back home?

I know there are breaks during semesters, but I've also heard there's "dead time" in between those breaks as well. I am going 4 hours away from my home and I have people that I want to see more often than on holidays. Do I just have to wait until breaks or will there be a time that I can go...

visiting freshmen college moving

Rebecca M.’s Avatar
Rebecca M. Dec 11, 2018 434 views

What are some great programs to watch in Spanish to help improve my fluency?

I would like to know of some great shows (preferably on Netflix) that I could watch to improve my comprehension of Spanish and my fluency. college, Spanish,...


lexi V.’s Avatar
lexi V. Nov 04, 2019 240 views

how did you stay positive during school?

worried ill get distracted and not stay committed...