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jasmine May 15, 2020 544 views

How can I learn to make a lot of money as a 16 year old that doesn't have a specific passion?

How do I skip all the bs (university, Amazon affiliates etc)and get straight into the nitty gritty of money making (as a 16 y/o) #money

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 15, 2020 637 views

Is it wise to apply for a local university as well as Universities abroad?

Living in BC, thinking of applying to some Ontario Universities, But was curious about whether I should apply for local Universities such as UBC. #university #study-abroad

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 15, 2020 498 views

When should you start thinking about college?

I am interested in going to school to become either a surgeon or a doctor. #medicine

James’s Avatar
James May 09, 2020 492 views

University or community college?

I am having trouble deciding what I want to do about education. University? Community college? Certifications? Should I even bother with college for wildland firefighting? #college #university #firefighting #wildland #community-college

kyra’s Avatar
kyra May 11, 2020 455 views

is being a emergency nurse stressful

#nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare #medical

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 11, 2020 1500 views

What kind of prior experience will i need before i go into a job interview?

I just need some background information so I #career #interviews know what I focus on right now.