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George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Within 40 mile radius
Shu Han’s Avatar
Shu Han Feb 15, 2021 554 views

What should I do to be an electronic engineer in future as I am a 2nd Year Electronic Engineering student in university now?

Any skills and knowledge other than the syllabus in my course that I need to pick up by myself?(Like watching tech related videos or news, learn coding, learn arduino, etc.) Thank you!
#student #tech #engineering #electronic #learning

William’s Avatar
William Jan 15, 2019 1726 views

How to find my passion and interest?

#career #career-choice

Darellynn’s Avatar
Darellynn Oct 19, 2016 1026 views

Research Degree

Do all research degrees (MPhil/PhD or combined tracks) require the GRE In the USA? Assuming that I do not take the GRE can I get admitted into the programmes? I am currently in a difficult financial situation, I am already considering not enrolling in universities that require me to re-do my...

Darellynn’s Avatar
Darellynn Oct 19, 2016 785 views

Postgraduate options for cancer immunology

I am looking for reputable postgraduate schools in the above-mentioned programmes with no GRE requirements and lots of scholarship options/no tuition fees (similar to EU universities but the programme is taught in English). Are there similar universities in the USA or am I limited to EU?...

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