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Plymouth, Michigan

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Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 12, 2014 1128 views

What should I get a degree in if i wanted to be an Operations Officer for the CIA? What is a good way for me to stand out from the many applications that the CIA receives each year?

I am asking this because I want to be in the CIA but, I'm not sure what degree I should get for the specific job I want to do in the CIA. #military #cia

Issac’s Avatar
Issac Oct 02, 2014 65819 views

Is there any career where I can just build computers.

I love doing IT but I mainly love the hands-on parts about it. Building my own PC was fun so I was wondering if there are any careers out the just for troubleshooting and pc building. #computer #it

Shadiya ’s Avatar
Shadiya Mar 26, 2014 1194 views

What kind of jobs can microbiologists usually find?

I want to major in biology, specifically I want to be a microbiologist, and I was curious to know what kind of jobs do microbiologists find after college? #college #biology #job-search #microbiologists

Arisleily ’s Avatar
Arisleily Mar 15, 2014 1684 views

Can anyone tell me about their experience of living in college's dorms what did you take away from this experience?

I am curious about the different experiences in living inside a college's dorm. #college #experience #life

Arisleily ’s Avatar
Arisleily Mar 14, 2014 1432 views

Is it better to have internship or part time Job ?

I am a high school student in my junior year I am looking for internships,but I am also thinking about getting a part time job.
I'm just curious if having an internship is better than having a part time job? #jobs #internship #life

Arisleily ’s Avatar
Arisleily Mar 07, 2014 8407 views

Is it better to go straight to a University or Community College ?

I always hear it is better going straight to a University than a Community College how come? #education #career-paths #life

Arisleily ’s Avatar
Arisleily Mar 05, 2014 1515 views

New jobs that did't exist before

I am a student in my junior year I'm just curious in different careers.

I wanted to know if there were any jobs you currently work did not exist during your high school year? #career #jobs #life

WilsonCodman4’s Avatar
WilsonCodman4 Sep 07, 2012 106773 views

What do mechanical engineers do on a day-to-day basis?

Hi, im a sophomore and i was wondering how a mechanical engineer's life is every day.

ShermaiyaNFTEAM’s Avatar
ShermaiyaNFTEAM Feb 28, 2012 1936 views

What is a way good way to package my cupcakes to sell in school ?

Since I live in farther away from my school it harder for me to bring 24 cupcakes to school everyday . #entrepreneurship #schools #packaging

ShermaiyaNFTEAM’s Avatar
ShermaiyaNFTEAM Feb 28, 2012 2079 views

How can you be a successful pastry chef ?

I wanna be able to be better the rest of the other pastry business ? #chef #baking

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Jan 19, 2012 1909 views

How did you learn how to fix cars and be able to get as far in life as you are?

I am in 11th grade interested in automotive engineering. I started learning about this career since i was a young child. My father was an unauthorized engineer but was very great at what he did. I've always been interested in the job because it is what i grew up around and have been focused on....

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