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Washburn, North Dakota

Within 40 mile radius
Cathlyn’s Avatar
Cathlyn Jul 18, 2023 178 views

Why do farmers get paid minimum wages?

Farmers are incredibly observant, fast, and most hard working people.
They have to get through the seasons in whatever weather conditions mother nature makes to provide their family and producers foods.

Greysen’s Avatar
Greysen Aug 12, 2018 1204 views

What should I go to school for to work in a nonprofit?

I am really interested in working in a nonprofit, maybe something that has to do with LGBT, kids, or human rights. I think I would be interested in being a therapist of some sort within the organization. I was just wondering what would be suggested for me to go to school for to major in, and...

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 17, 2018 1245 views

People at Bobcat, what is it like?

I am highly considering applying for an internship at Bobcat. I would like to be a part of the design process or at least something that would make use of my skills with computers, math, and physics.
#bobcat #internships #computers #math #physics

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Dylan Jan 17, 2018 985 views

Should I switch from Electrical Engineering to Computer Engineering?

I have never taken a chemistry class in my life and am very concerned about taking it. If I change my intended major to CompE, I do not need to take chemistry. Is it worth it to switch my major because of that reason? I am a second-semester freshman. #college-majors #electrical-engineering...

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