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What are some entry level jobs for academic achieving High School Graduates with minimal work experience in the Bay Area?

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2 answers

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Annie’s Answer

Have you tried job searching websites like monster.com, indeed.com, or even just Google's homepage (https://globalnews.ca/news/4171046/google-job-search-career-automation/)?

Another thing I would suggest is just look up people in your area on LinkedIn - you can search by location (https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/133/filtering-search-results-by-one-or-more-locations?lang=en) and look for people who work in fields you're interested in and just send them a message via Linkedin! Tell them your name, how old you are, how hard you'd work, and why you're super excited to learn about their field and how they got their first jobs. Ask them who gave them their first job opportunity, what networks they might have used, if they know anyone hiring, and if they'd be willing to help coach you into your first job!

Also try looking for career fairs and meet-ups or networking events in the area (through eventbrite.com or other sites like that) and see what people you can meet! Practice your story ahead of time: what fields you're interested in, what you'd like to try, and ask them if they know anyone who might be willing to hire you!

:) Good luck!!

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Mai’s Answer

You can also look for programs in your area that offer employment opportunities or training. Especially for creating a resume. They will have several opportunities as well. Depending on where you are located, or the school they can offer you the ability to look for a work program. Also volunteering someplace that holds an interest for you, will give you work experience and allow you to do networking with others in the same area, which can help with putting you out there to get that perfect position.