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Career Questions tagged Years

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jan 14, 2019 578 views

How many years would it take if I were to study animation and making cartoons?

#Years #Cartoons #Animation #Help

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Aug 21, 2018 423 views

industry growth for a designer in last 5 years?

How many more people are designers in five years? #five #years

Ngoc’s Avatar
Ngoc Apr 25, 2018 563 views

How many years of schooling do you need to become an occupational therapist?

I do not mind spending a lot of time in college for a career of my choice but I do want to know how much schooling is necessary to become an occupational therapist? What sort of test would also be encountered through this endeavor? #medical-school #years #classes #occupational-therapy...

Shivani’s Avatar
Shivani Mar 12, 2017 718 views

what can I become if I am interested in the fields of programming, physics, neuroscience and psychology?

As a student, I've experienced Lot of successful people with a goal in their life around my age. The only problem is, I am interested in so many fields! Please don't tell me that I don't need to have a fixed Goa, right now. It would be useful if you could just give me a few high paying jobs...

Mayra’s Avatar
Mayra May 28, 2015 1010 views

How many years of college you need to be a medical assistant?

i am junior in oscar de la hoya animo charter high school and i want to know how long it will take to be a medical assistant to be financial prepared #college #medicine #university #medicine-assistant #years