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Samantha W. Sep 30, 2014 10101 views

Why do I need to PDF my resume?

Hi everybody. I'm in high school right now in Junior year and I would like to know why I should PDF my resume. I saw some of the answers on Career Village say to PDF the resume instead of sending a Word or .doc or .docx resume. Why is that? #resume #interviews...


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Aerionna S. Feb 09, 2015 1389 views

What information is necessary to know if I want to start my own law practice?

I am a sophomore in high school. I someday want to become a lawyer. I just want to know if there is anything I can be doing now in preparation. #law...


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Amariah F. Oct 29, 2015 926 views

Where is the best college for being a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

I am interested in being a criminal defense lawyer #college #lawyer...


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Katelyn P. Mar 13, 2016 867 views

What are some good schools should I look forward to in becoming a lawyer or working into the goverment?

HI,I'im only an 8th grader and when i had my IGP my teacher told me about this, so I was wondering if someone could help me out #law #law-school...


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Stacy M. Apr 01, 2016 1327 views

Do the grades I get in college matter as much as they do in high school?

I try to get good grades in high school because it matters a lot to get into college. Is the same true for grades in college courses to get a job? Does it depend on the job I want to get? #college #human-resources #interviews...


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Basseema A. Jun 01, 2016 947 views

When A Possible Employer Asks How Much You Are Looking To Be Paid?

I personally love interviews and I never have an issue with them but the one question that I'm always super frightened that I'm going to be asked is "How much are you looking to be paid?" What should I respond with??? Using a specific number seems like a bad idea to be since if you put it too...

#job #salary #jobs #interviews #salary-negotiation #interviewing-skills #interview-questions

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Amy Z. Jun 18, 2016 1025 views

Is it possible for a person to take both the LSAT and the MCAT?

Both are rigorous tests and I was wondering if people have done this before. #law #pre-med #medical-school...