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Benjamin Oct 14, 2019 558 views

For the military veterans, what do you wish you could have done differently before enlistment? Any regrets, lessons, thoughts for future service members?

#Veterans #Military

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Oct 15, 2019 871 views

How do/did you stay motivated when faced with adversity and negative thoughts in boot camp/military?

#Military #BootCamp #Army

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Nov 27, 2019 842 views

Would the military be a good step or should i just go back to school


Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Apr 18, 2020 4946 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? #college-advice #college #highschool #highschool-advice #JULY20

Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Aug 08, 2020 2642 views

How To Politely Interrupt the Conversation?

I face many situations where the recipient is talking too much and straying away from the main focus. I understand that it's good to let the other person elaborate about their own interests and passions (Remember How to Win Friends and Influence People). However, I find it a huge time waster,...

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Mar 19, 2018 819 views

How do you choose a specialty in nursing?

Do specialties make you more or less attractive to prospective employers? Do you choose based on interest, availability, pay, or other aspects?
#nursing #nurse #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care