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Abigail B. Aug 22, 2020 206 views
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champeria T. Sep 04, 2020 112 views

what is a way for me to have the best lifestyle for a black successful woman

i'm hardworking and i'm a working on bettering myself and my self esteem #career #doctor #registered...

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Laila M. Sep 04, 2020 137 views

What is the best college to attend if I want to become a veterinary technician?

I'm a senior in high school and I don't know many people who'd like to have a animal profession. I would like to find the best school for my passion. What school would you consider and why? #veterinarian...


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jamesina C. Sep 07, 2020 166 views

what science should i major in to pursue being in the medical field?

i am currently a senior looking forward to enroll in hbcus. #majors...