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Remy Mar 10, 2016 5844 views

Let’s be honest: Do you have to go to an Ivy League school to get into investing?

I know a college degree is important for getting a job in investing. How important is the exact school you go to? Is an Ivy League school necessary? I ask for honesty because I keep hearing YOU CAN DO ANYTHING from people about everything, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is really just saying...

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Mar 10, 2016 1578 views

How much of being an investor is about mathematics or calculations?

To make an investing decision do you mostly focus on mathematical calculations or is it more about gut feel or other judgments? I ask because I want to understand how interesting or boring it might be. I don’t have any trouble with math, but I don’t really want to spend all day calculating...

David ’s Avatar
David Mar 14, 2016 1299 views

What types of investment management are there exactly?

Are there different types? I'm just trying to understand what kinds of investments companies like PIMCO are managing/consulting. #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Mar 10, 2016 1210 views

Do you work against strict deadlines in investment managment? How do you handle that kind of stress?

I work well when I don't have a strict deadline. I get way too anxious when I have to have something done by a specific time so I'm afraid I'm not cut out for a career in investment management. Can you share how often you are working on a deadline and how important those deadlines are in your...