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Jonathan Jennings

Developer at FunWall inc.
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Los Angeles, California
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Javonte May 24, 2016 771 views

What gaming device do you play on the most?

I'm interested in learning what game developers enjoy playing the most (Playstation, Xbox, etc.)

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #technology #video-games #computer-games #game-development

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Oct 30, 2016 547 views

Would a degree in Computer Science or a degree in Software Engineering be more benefitial in getting a job with designing video games in 4 years?

My two favorite schools have different degrees. I need help to be able to decide. #computer-games

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 28, 2016 685 views

What is a code coding program to learn to become a video game designer

i intend on becoming a graphic designer #computer-software #graphic-design #coding #game-design

Anik’s Avatar
Anik Oct 28, 2016 2696 views

Who is the target audience when dealing with STEM?

Is STEM field targeting, video game students, smart students, hand on students, technical students? etc. #computer-software #computer #money #software #tech #computer-games #educational-technology #software-usability