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joshua’s Avatar
joshua Nov 01, 2021 312 views

Is it scary being a doctor?

Like your dealing with sick people all the time; you don't get nervous of getting sick too? #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Sep 29, 2021 273 views

How did you pick what kind of a doctor you want to be?

I'm a 9th grader and I want to be a doctor but, I don't know what kind of doctor I want to be. #doctor #medicine

Marlene’s Avatar
Marlene Sep 21, 2021 303 views

Do you have to do a certain amount of training to become a OB GYN?

I am very nice, so talkative, I love baby's . #doctor

Albree’s Avatar
Albree Sep 16, 2021 386 views

I'm a senior in high school and I want to know what is the best major or undergraduate degree for being a pediatrician.

#pediatrician #college-major #doctor #medicine #college

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 17, 2021 289 views

How do you find a career that you like

I want to find a career that is fun for me and that will be interesting in the future. Also being able to have fun and have a purpose in that field. #findingcareers

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 10, 2021 265 views

Did you do a residency after going to college? If so what is it like?

#PA #medical

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Aug 31, 2021 2290 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy

I am a 21 year old male with a degree in Laboratory Science looking into switching career paths into physical or occupational therapy
#occupational-therapy #physical-therapy #medicine

Regina’s Avatar
Regina Jun 19, 2021 419 views

Is it too late for me to start studying to become a pediatrician in 10th grade?

#medicine #doctor #pediatric-nursing #pediatrics

ashya’s Avatar
ashya Jun 18, 2021 277 views

what are some good first steps to take for wanting to be an OBGYN ?

I am starting college in September, love to be active, and I know that delivering babies(OBGYN) is something I wanna do. I wanna make a change in the black community for pregnant African American women.
#healthcare #medical

Jozlyn Johnson’s Avatar
Jozlyn Johnson Apr 20, 2021 370 views

What do I need to know when applying an application to become a Psychiatrist? Do i need to have experience?

Good evening, My name is Jozlyn Johnson and I just turned 18. I would like to learn and know more about becoming a Psychiatrist. I think that I should know what are some key things that I should know and whether or not do I need/have some experience when I fill out an application.I also like to...

Gianni’s Avatar
Gianni Apr 30, 2021 344 views

Do psychiatrists have large workloads?


Ty’s Avatar
Ty Apr 22, 2021 520 views

How much money can you make from being an anesthesiologist.

I am wanting to be an anesthesiologist when I grow up. There are just a few questions I want to know. #healthcare #income