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Rick Bartra

software engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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liu Feb 08, 2019 580 views

why computer science?

why people choose computer science for their major?

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Cassie Mar 15, 2018 552 views

Are student loans hard to pay off?

I have to take out student loans for college. #student-loans

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Pari Jan 30, 2021 690 views

How to enter in software work force?

I completed my masters in computer Science in 2010 and joined teaching profession. Now I want to join software industry, but not sure how to start, where to start, should I join any boot camp or get admission in some college/university courses? Please advice.
#technology #software #computer science

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Jalaal Mar 05, 2019 860 views

How important is independent/outside learning when majoring in Computer Science?

#computer-science #science #computer #computer-programming #computer-engineering #tech#major

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Sam Apr 05, 2021 1753 views

How important to employers looking for engineers is the college they attended? Do these colleges need to be anything special?