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Andrew Anderson, JD/MBA

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
San Antonio, Texas
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Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jun 02, 2021 526 views

What is the best way to go about school as far as the classes to take to be a defense attorney

Im going to college but i just dont want to take any unnecessary classes for what i want to do with my life HELP #school #lawyer #college

Nyasia’s Avatar
Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 587 views

What is it like being a beginner law school students ? How many classes do you have to take ?

#school #college #law-school

merick’s Avatar
merick Jun 07, 2021 444 views

is there a assistant finance this sem

a selfcollege student # college #college

tanishka’s Avatar
tanishka Jun 05, 2021 855 views

what do I want in future ?

hello friends, I am student of class 10th, India , CBSE board, my board exams are up soon.. I am an average student in studies.. I still don't know what to become in future or what stream should I choose.. every day I ask myself the same question "what do I want to do in my future? what do I...

tony’s Avatar
tony Mar 18, 2021 522 views

what is the best way to be able to play sports in college

#college #college-selection #college-life #baseball

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Mar 09, 2021 636 views

What are all the rules and restrictions on attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD?

I'm asking this question so I can know what is disqualifying when attempting to enlist in the Army with ADD. #military #Army #enlisting