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Judy L.

Certified Tea Sommelier / Lab Manager at VRNA
Healthcare Support Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Ontario, Ontario, Canada
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Joan Sep 26, 2014 4941 views

How do I get chances to practice public speaking?

I keep hearing that I am supposed to practice public speaking to improve myself. I always imagine that there will be lots of class discussion in college, so I want to be better at public speaking before I go to college. I do not have any real expertise so I don't see how I can find any way to...

Allie’s Avatar
Allie Aug 07, 2014 3879 views

What is one topic I should definitely avoid on my college essays?

I've heard a lot about the college application process and how important essays can be. While I know it's important to be well-rounded and showcase intelligence, I just want to make sure I'm not immediately getting on the Admission Officer's bad side. A teacher mentioned, for instance, to avoid...

Hamanda’s Avatar
Hamanda May 23, 2012 15959 views

What type of classes should i take in college to become a sucessful writer?

I am a high school junior. I have always loved to read, and i love to write poetry. I want to write fiction or fantasy novels when i get older. I just want to know what steps should i do now before i finish highschool to prepare for the classes i should take in college. #writing #reading...

JohnattanG’s Avatar
JohnattanG Apr 03, 2012 2585 views

What is the day-to-day experience of someone working in education?

I already know the basics about teaching a class and grading paper, but would like to know more. I am also hoping to hear from a principal, since that is my probable career choice, but would appreciate any information from anyone in education. #medicine #teaching #school #experience #principal