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Kevin Berry

Software Engineering Manager
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Hugo’s Avatar
Hugo Sep 15, 2021 539 views

What career is related to coding?

I like computer science because I've always wanted to know how to code websites etc. #coding

Damian’s Avatar
Damian Sep 14, 2021 507 views

How did you get into the Technology field and is the work as ambitious as I think it is? Am I on the right path given my circumstances?

I'm a young man highly interested in pursuing a career in Technology. Specifically, I want to be apart of something where innovation and the development of new, cutting edge technology is apart of the goal, working for companies like SpaceX, Tesla, Apple, or Microsoft. As of right now with my...

Zongyin’s Avatar
Zongyin Sep 14, 2021 629 views

what's the most important skill to have in CS?

I'm currently a high school student who taking AP CS. #computer-science #personal-development #software #college

Erkhes’s Avatar
Erkhes Sep 16, 2021 1096 views

How do I know if I like computer science or not and if that field is fittable for me?

Junior at Galileo High. Interested in CS field. Wondering if that field is right for me. #computer-science #computer #science #technology #computer-software