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San Francisco, California
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I want to be computer science student at University of California.



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Erkhes Feb 03, 2022 490 views

How do I get a better understanding of the CS field?

Wanted to know more #computer-programming #science #technology #computer-science

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Erkhes Feb 03, 2022 609 views

How do I keep myself motivated?

Everyday I wake up, I just don't feel like going to school and just oversleep. #college #school #help #student

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Erkhes Oct 07, 2021 518 views

How do I calm myself during application season?

I feel like I would be anxious that I might not get into a decent college/university. #college #college-admissions #university #college-advice #college-selection

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Erkhes Oct 07, 2021 528 views

Is it fine to choose a career path you don't know if you like it or not?

I am a junior at Galileo High school. I am just wondering what I should do after high school. #career #college #career-choice

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Erkhes Sep 16, 2021 1132 views

How do I know if I like computer science or not and if that field is fittable for me?

Junior at Galileo High. Interested in CS field. Wondering if that field is right for me. #computer-science #computer #science #technology #computer-software