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Jayden Oct 10, 2021 517 views

What is the best way to network in order to find yourself a job you can be satisfied doing?

I am hoping both right now and in the future to be able to build a network of connections that will help me connect with job opportunities. Currently I am a high school senior but I would like to build my network as soon as possible. #job-search #job #networking

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Oct 07, 2021 633 views

What happens if I want to switch majors.

I can't decide between business or animal health science and I'm afraid that if i choose one I'll end up regretting it later on. #business #animalhealthscience

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Oct 07, 2021 622 views

How and when did you discover what career field you wanted to get into?

#career-counseling #job #career-path #career #career-choice

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Yonghua Sep 28, 2021 815 views

What knowledge do I need to become a financial analyst?

I want to be a financial analyst, but I don't know what I should study in college or what is required. #finance #financial-aid #college #bank