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Jhovani’s Avatar
Jhovani Jan 25, 2018 640 views

What's your biggest challenge in college?

I want to know how hard college is and someone's point of view of it.
#COLLEGELIFE #college #personal-development

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina Nov 07, 2021 277 views

when in high school, what job can you get that involves the medicine field ?

#medicine #job #healthcare #highschool

BETTIE’s Avatar
BETTIE Apr 10, 2017 817 views

how can i set my career placement

I am currently attending UMA as a Healthcare Management and I am looking for career choices so I will be better prepare when I get my degree.
#healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare-management #management #career-counseling #jobs

Thulani’s Avatar
Thulani Aug 18, 2021 294 views

What kind of questions do they ask on an interview at an insurance company


Silquasha’s Avatar
Silquasha Nov 04, 2021 312 views

What was your inspiration for taking your position as a pharmacy technician?

I'm a student interested in Pharmacy Tech ?
#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmacy-tech #chemistry

Glenn’s Avatar
Glenn Nov 16, 2021 9509 views

How do you respond to "Why should I hire you?" in a job interview?

about industrial engineering course to look and apply a job interview #interviews #job

Ramiro’s Avatar
Ramiro Nov 17, 2021 248 views

How long did it take you in order to be in the position you are right now, career wise.

#career #career-choice #time

kaitlyn’s Avatar
kaitlyn Sep 01, 2017 542 views

Business or health care management

I really like both majors and I'm interested in both but I feel as though my family is pushing me towards Health Care management and I don't want to decide my future based on only what they want for me rather than what I will be happy doing #business #healthcare-management

Anas’s Avatar
Anas Nov 17, 2021 275 views

what is the most challenging thing about being a manager?